Are you or someone you know thinking of trying to sell your home FSBO?  Before making that decision review this information and download FSBO FLYER to learn why hiring a REALTOR® can help.

We’ve heard the same story many times – “I don’t want to pay the big commissions to a REALTOR® – I’d like to save that money and put it into my own pocket.”  I get that thought process – but did you know that even hiring a REALTOR® statistics show you still bring home more money than selling it on your own?  How can that be?  Take a look below:

FSBO’s rely heavily on the yard sign and family to help sell their home.  Almost half of FSBO’s did not do a bit of marketing.  Not having access to comparable homes for sale, or have sold in the area, it’s difficult to price this correctly – so end up pricing too high or too low.  In the end – it takes them longer to sell a home and get less than what it’s worth.  A good percentage get frustrated – hire an agent at that point – and end up in a position where if they would have hired a REALTOR® from the get go – they could have sold it and for more money – and taken home more even after paying a REALTOR®

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The average home right now sold FSBO is getting roughly $200K for their home.  With a REALTOR® they are getting close to $265K.  So pretty big difference and even after paying a REALTOR® you could bring home more of your equity.

Forget the dollars and cents for now – lets look at the legwork, legal aspects, and preparing your home.

REALTORS® bring you widespread exposure – access to the MLS – thousands of agents and their clients – social and so much more that the normal homeowner does not have access to.

Pricing – obtaining a properly ran home market analysis will help you maximize your homes potential revenue.

Preparing your home – where should you spend money and where should you not.  Curb appeal, budget conscience swaps, etc can turn into real dollars when selling your home.

Legal – Do you know what forms are required for you to complete as a seller.  Nebraska law requires certain forms, and processes to be completed in order to properly close on a home.  REALTORS® are here to protect you from not knowing as pleading I didn’t know will not work in Nebraska.

Timing – prepping your home – scheduling showings – fielding calls – coordinating inspections, appraisals, etc.  Do you have time in your day or make others work around your schedule?  Hiring a REALTOR® this is what they do -so you can go about your daily tasks without having to take time off of work which costs you dollars.

I could go on and on about this – but download our flyer below and review some of the great statistics we’ve shared – and please give us a call as we’d love to help list your home and maximize your revenue, and streamline this process for you.

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